About Harouge Oil Operations

Harouge Oil Operations (previously “Veba Oil Operations”) is the joint venture operator on behalf of Libyan’s National Oil Corporation and snice 1955.  In 2008 exploration & production sharing agreement held between NOC and SUNCOR Energy Oil – North Africa – Limited (Ex- Petro -Canada Oil North Africa.

The Company is engaged in developing and exploiting oil fields located in five contract areas onshore Libya.

Harouge oil operations operates 3 main pipelines, Ras Lanuf oil Terminal and five oil fields (Amal, Farigh, Ghani, Tibisti & En-nagha) with average production of 100,000 Bbls a day.

The company serves a group of oil companies as it receives quantities of crude oil from Wintershall and Arabian Gulf of oil and blended with the production of Amal field, to generate Amna blend. The production from EPSA fields of Zuetina oil and from Beda of the Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO) are also being pumped through the pipelines connecting the fields of Ghani and Tibisti to Ras Lanuf Terminal, the mixture of oil from all these fields is known as Sirtica crude oil.The third 30” pipeline used to transport crude oil from AGOCO (Mesla & Sarir) to RASCO Refinery.

Crude oil pumped via our pipeline trunks to Ras Lanuf terminal storage facilities and later delivered to ships through 4 sea lines.

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